July 23, 2012


OTV Joins the Facebook Era

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There is no escaping the gravity of Facebook. Like a large, pulsing black hole, it sucks everything into its grasp, never to let go.

Sometimes, you just have to stop struggling, let go, and see what is on the other side.

Here we are, the event horizon in our rear view mirror: Only The Valiant has joined Facebook.

I was reluctant to do this, Your fearless editor at OTV is not a fan of Facebook. Not a fan of the way they absorb everything, obfuscate everything, and wrestle control of content from your clutching hands.

But folks love that stuff. They love the “one site for all” aspect of Facebook, they love to share, to be informed, and to interact on Facebook.

And people love OTV.

Who are we to say, “No. No, you can’t have two things together that you love at the same time, no! We are stubborn, we will not yield!”

Instead it is time to embrace it. Yes! Yes, you can interact with your friends, and still keep up to date with everything here at OTV! Yes! You can have it all, both things you love at the same time! You can enjoy Only The Valiant on Facebook.

So, if you are a facebook user (and who isn’t?), go to our fanpage. Give it a “like”. Sit back, and enjoy.

Facebook and OTV. It was meant to be.

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