July 24, 2012


Teaser Image: Shadows Fall This November!

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Valiant released this cool teaser image with the tagline:

Shadows Fall This November

Shadowman Teaser Shadows Fall This November

Shadows Fall This November…


We here at OTV are happy to see the glorious return of Nightman to the Valiant Universe!

Seriously though, Shadowman. November. I know a lot of Valiant comic fans are going to be very, very happy.


Having trouble seeing the image? Or do you just want a better view of that artwork?

CLICK HERE for an adjusted look at this teaser image.


  • Tony Soldo (@Tony_Soldo) comments:

    It may just be me, but I feel they might be bringing in too many of there other characters who don’t have a series yet too early. After Ninjak, and now this, I’m worried it’ll take away from the actual title characters right now. I don’t think we need to see every character before they get their own title.

  • @Tony,

    We could very well see Shadowman in his own title, not as an appearance in another title. I think we’ll find out for sure later this week.
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  • Tony Soldo (@Tony_Soldo) comments:

    Seeing as he’s coming in November, and Eternal Warrior and Rai were already revealed as the next two titles, coming in winter and spring, I’d guess that Shadowman will be showing up on one of the current titles.

  • @Tony,

    I don’t think we can assume that the teasers from the FCBD issue confirm that Eternal Warrior and Rai will be the fifth and sixth title. This is a *strong* suspicion.
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  • Tony Soldo (@Tony_Soldo) comments:

    I do hope you’re right on this. Anyway, I love the character design. I’ve never seen Shadowman before, so I don’t know if he’s been changed at all, but it’s a cool look. I love his logo with the guy in the doorway, it’s a unique one.

  • Assuming he was showing up in one of the pre-existing titles, which one would it be and why?

    Not X-O Manowar, that already had Ninjak (though it be a cool call back to Jack’s first appearance happening in an issue of the original X-O Manowar).

    Could it be Harbinger?

  • @Tony,

    This look is quite a bit of a departure from the original look of Shadowman. If I can squeak in the time, I’ll write an article looking at all the past incarnations of Shadowman.


    Obviously he would show up in Bloodshot, as another project of Rising Spirit! Or, maybe this will just be the fifth title. Who knows?
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  • It’s a toss up between A&A and Harbinger for me. The original Shadowman and A&A had a connection dating back to Unity.

  • blujay1524 comments:

    I wish he had a mask but I’m glad to see him again.

  • Kimo Q comments:

    Not sure of what to make of the new look, its so different looking from the original, compared to the other characters. But ive learn to trust the new creators and really look forward to seeing Shadowman grace the pages again!

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