July 17, 2012


Tony’s Reviews: Harbinger #2 and Bloodshot #1

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Hey guys! Let’s just get right to it then:

Harbinger #2

Man, this issue was much better than the first, in my opinion. I really enjoyed the first issue, but this one really pushed the envelope. The first thing that stood out to me was the art. Khari Evans’ art was much better this time around, with better facial expressions and some fantastic action scenes, he really stepped up. I was iffy on him in the first issue, but now I’m sold.

Harbinger 2 Panel

Pete has to release his hold on Kris

The story also progressed nicely. We got a glimpse at just how powerful Peter is, as well as some new characters from the Harbinger Foundation, which I can’t wait to see more of next issue. The scene in the beginning was really cool, as we got a glimpse of the type of psiots we’ll be seeing, and it served to make Harada even more likeable. I can’t wait to see that baby in the present day.

Also, the ending was very emotional and poignant for Peter. He finally realized that he’s been doing more harm than good, releasing Kris and allowing Joe to get the help he needs. Kris’ lovey dovey behavior was disturbing, knowing what Peter did to her, and her reaction after being set free was very appropriate. My favorite part of the issue though, was Joe telling Peter how terrified of him he was, which was heartbreaking. Peter’s reaction to him losing his only friend was very well done by both the writing and art. We’ve been getting a ton of character development in these first two issues, and it’ll be cool to see what new characters and abilities will be coming up next issue.

Bloodshot #1

This was the book I was most skeptical about, since he looks and sounds like a Rob Liefeld character and the whole “action hero with amnesia” story has been done to death, but I was very impressed with this book.

We got a ton of story here. This issue was probably the least decompressed out of the Valiant books so far. We met the character and some of his supporting cast, learned about his powers, and saw him go on what would probably be a routine mission for him. Then everything we knew about the story was pulled out from under us. The twist of the series came very soon, which I appreciate. They didn’t make us wait an arc before finding out his handlers are the real threat, we just got to dive into it head first right away.

Bloodshot Mysterious Girl

Who is that mysterious woman?

The action was well done too, and it was strange to see the main character be killed three times in one issue. I was also surprised at how many powers Bloodshot has. Healing factor, shape shifting, talking to machines, etc. There is also the subplot of whoever that girl in the beginning was, and who exactly are the people who captured Bloodshot and downloaded the info off of him. There are a ton of interesting subplots going forward.

The art was very cool as well. both Garcia and Lozzi had unique styles, yet they fit together nicely with how they were used. I feel bad because I’m not sure which artist did which pages, but this was a great looking book overall.

I’m just really glad that so far all three of these books have been as good as they are.I really hope Valiant will be able to maintain this quality on these books and any new ones going forward. I’m having a blast right now.

Final Note

Also, I’m loving the continuity in these books, specifically the fact that Project Rising Spirit not only created Bloodshot, but was also going after Peter Stanchek in Harbinger. So we have this singular threat in two books, and it’ll be cool to see how they affect each other in the future. It’s really well done shared universe building.


  • Tony Soldo (@Tony_Soldo) comments:

    Thanks guys! It’s always cool to see these up! Can’t wait for X-O Manowar this tomorrow!

  • Sean Neprud comments:

    Your reviews continue to kick butt!

    As an old reader, the connection to Rising Spirit in Harbinger was very exciting. That sort of interconnected world building is something the original Valiant did very well, and something that long time fans are looking forward to. It’s cool to see that new fans are digging it too!
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  • Ryan P comments:

    Great job with the reviews!

    I’m right with you there on the art for Harbinger #2, everything comes off much cleaner and more focused this issue. It’s nice to see the writer and artist finding a good groove between the two of them. I’m looking forward to what they could come up with as far as more powerful and bizarre mental abilities for the Harbinger kids.

    Bloodshot #1, I also didn’t have alot of faith in this one but I was quite surprised (you could say I was **blown away**….ouch.. sorry, bad joke) on how deep and complex the plot turned out to be. I also like how the solicitations for future issue are written in the same bat-shit crazy style as Bloodshot’s memories (that’s one messed up guy, but you can total see why)

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