July 28, 2012


Week In Review, July 28 2012

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A Shadow is cast on this week’s news, and emerging from that shadow are the first hints of the Shadowman that is to come.

Enough about shadows, it’s the weekend! Grab your coffee and catch up on the week that was.


Shadowman Teaser Adjusted

Shadowman Teaser (Adjusted for easy Viewing)



It’s new comic day! What did you get? Here’s what’s waiting for me in my pull box at the Isotope, the world’s grooviest comic shop:

  • Godzilla #3
  • Manhattan Projects #5

Godzilla is a fun monster-fighting romp from the minds of Duane Swierczynski (didn’t he write some Valiant comic?) and Simon Gane. It focuses on a rag-tag group out to take down our monster invaders. Good monsteriffic fun. Manhattan Projects is just crazy insanity in comic book form, from the minds of Jonathan Hickman and Nick Pitarra.

Not much else on Wednesday, except this:

What? Who? Read on, to the big news…


Master Darque

We’ve been waiting for this guy to return


Valiant will publish its fifth comic title, Shadowman, starting in November, by the creative team of Justin Jordan (of Luthor Strode fame), and Patrick Zircher. The preview pages look phenomenal, and on the last panel on the last page… the return of a villain we’ve been waiting to hear about since this launch was on the horizon.

Plenty of sites have the preview pages, and a couple sites have interviews to add more info.

Shadowman isn’t all.

X-O Manowar 1 4th Print

X-O Manowar #1 4th Print

Archer and Armstrong 1 2nd Print

A & A #1 2nd Print


So much happened this week that I felt like Thursday should have been Friday. But it wasn’t. Let’s see what happened on Friday.


Let’s start the weekend with another look at the great Patrick Zircher Shadowman cover:

Shadowman Cover Patrick Zircher

Shadowman Cover Art by Patrick Zircher

What a long week it has been. I am ready for the weekend to start. Like, yesterday.

(Oh wait, it did. Have a good weekend!)

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