July 21, 2012


Week In Review, July 21 2012

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Today’s week in review is going to be a bit different. Instead of marching through the week day by day, we’ll stumble through, topic by topic.

That’s because it’s “slow week”.

What exactly is “slow week”? It’s the week after San Diego Comic-Con, where everybody is catching up on sleep, and catching up on Comic-Con news.

San Diego Comic-Con

Speaking of Comic-Con, OTV has a ton of stuff for you to read and listen to about the King of Cons.

Also at the Con was also the Summer Of Valiant Panel.

Do you want to see it? We’ve got a video of it here for you.

Other folks covered the panel as well:

X-O Manowar 01 Gold

X-O Manowar #1 Gold

Go For The Gold

The coolest announcement at the Comic-Con panel was that the Gold Logo Book program will be returning. These books will be given out as fan rewards for demonstrating their support for Valiant.

The first gold book is X-O Manowar #1, just take a look at this beauty of a book!

Valiant gave all of the attendies of the panel at Comic-Con a copy of the gold book, but how can you get one for yourself?

There isn’t any particular way to get your hands on one of these, just do something to support Valiant, and let them know. Who knows? It may land you a gold book.

Also, Valiant is auctioning off a Gold X-O Manowar #1 comic, with all proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior Project. Pretty solid of Valiant to start off their gold logo book program with charity!

Check out the cool way the first gold winner won:

In addition, V-Ditti’s got some ideas of his own about how to score one of these gold books:

October Solicitations

The solicitations for October came out last week, with the next issues of our favorite titles hitting the solicits.

Bloodshot Hardcover Cover Art

Recolored Barry Windsor-Smith cover art for the Bloodshot Hardcover

I’m sure we’ll be taking a look at these solicitations soon enough, but there is one item to take note of:

Valiant is releasing a hardcover collection of the Classic Bloodshot comic, with issues 1-8. Most notably, it will feature a new Bloodshot story by the original creative team of Kevin VanHook and Don Perlin. Pretty cool!

X-O Manowar #3

X-O #3 hit the stands this week, and Aric was finally able to cut loose with the armor.

In addition, reviewers were finally able to cut loose across the internet. Here’s a slew of reviews:

The Shape Of Things To Come

This week gave us some previews of the things we’ll be seeing in the coming months from Valiant.


Newsarama has an exclusive preview of X-O Manowar #5, featuring the introduction of Ninjak. These first few images of Ninjak alone are already better than the original version (clearly, this author wasn’t a fan).


Harbinger #6 is the beginning of the second story arc. Here’s the official word:

After a crushing defeat at the hands of his would-be mentor, Peter Stanchek lies critically wounded and the only person who can save him is the person that hates him the most – his childhood love Kris Hathaway. But as Harada’s Eggbreaker strike force closes in, the helpless Peter wonders if he will find forgiveness at Kris’s door – or vengeance. And when Faith Herbert arrives as the superhero she’s always dreamed of becoming, the game is going change for everyone involved…

Now, let’s take a look at the covers!

Harbinger 6 Matthew Clark Variant Cover

Harbinger #6 Cover by Matthew Clark

Harbinger 6 Cover Mico Suayan

Harbinger #6 Cover by Mico Suayan


So there you go. I’m off to finish recovering from Comic-Con.

Probably by watching the Dark Knight.

Have a weekend, folks!

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