August 7, 2012


A’n’A Week: Best Adventures

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It’s Archer & Armstrong Week! Let’s continue the party by talking about some of Archer and Armstrong’s best adventures.

At its heart, Archer & Armstrong was a buddy book, and an adventure book. We talked about the two buddies yesterday, today, we’ll take a look at some of the hijinks they got into.

The Lost Land

Gilad, the Eternal Warrior, comes to Armstrong for help in the fight for all of reality, as told in the epic crossover event, Unity.

After being abducted to the Lost Land, an oasis in the center of all time, where people and creatures from all time periods are mashed together, Archer & Armstrong are quickly captured by a man who is a disciple of Archer’s future religion. While Archer is being held and forced to hand over his wisdom and teachings, Armstrong fakes his own death, and finds his way to the closest speakeasy for some wine and women.

They make it out of the Lost Land, but on the way get wrapped up in a plot to assassinate Mothergod, the lady who is trying to destroy all of reality and remake it to her liking, get inadvertently freed from captivity by X-O Manowar (while wrestling dinosaur), and get hunted down by Turok.

Archer and Armstrong 4 Cover

Archer & Armstrong swing through the Sistine Chapel in A&A #4

Escape From The Vatican

When Archer and Armstrong return from the Lost Land, they return right from where they were taken from, the clutches of the Sect madman, Mahmud.

The two buddies get taken to the Vatican to await execution. Of course, they escape, only to then get chased through the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel, and manage to evade a nut job with a flame thrower, and a bunch of nuns wielding Uzis.

They also escape by dressing up as nuns themselves.

Dinosaurs on the Riviera

Having escaped the Vatican, they take a trip to the Riviera, to visit Armstrong’s wife, Andromeda.

Archer, of course, isn’t quite sure what to make of Armstrong’s wife, is she just a beautiful woman, or is she the actual goddess, Andromeda?

Archer makes a fool of himself, and we learn that Armstrong isn’t just a bum who always lives in the gutter. He can cleans up well, and can class it up with the best of them.

All this time, and incompetent group of thieves are trying to steal Andy’s pet dinosaur, Flo. In the end, Flo and Andromeda reveal themselves in their full glory, Archer is astounded, and Armstrong throws a sofa at a helicopter. The day is saved.

Archer and Armstrong 8 cover

The real story of the Three Musketeers

The 3 Musketeers

Want to know what really happened with the three musketeers?

Armstrong was there. He know. Just read A&A #8. It is a flip book that is also Eternal Warrior #8.

Buy it. Read it. Enjoy the good comics.

Stonehenge and the Satchel

Archer and Armstrong go to visit Armstrong’s brother, Ivar the Timewalker, in London. When they decide to go get some fish and chips, they find the food is drugged (or is it just bad English cooking?)

Bad cooking aside, Archer, Armstrong, and Ivar are kidnapped by a group of folks that have all been taken from their own time and place by falling through time arcs along with Ivar. They are understandably upset, and take him to be put on trial, and executed, at Stonehenge.

So, Solar shows up, because he is tipped off by a mummy that is going on a rampage through L.A. using the power of Armstrong’s lost satchel. Solar uses his wammy jammy powers to get everyone home, and takes them to finish off the mummy friend.

There is a flying pig involved.

And of course, all ends well.

All Wrapped Up

These stories are all from Barry Windsor-Smith’s 13-issue run on Archer & Armstrong. These are great stories, some of the best from the Classic Valiant. These come highly recommended.

Tomorrow: The new Archer & Armstrong #1 hits stands! Buy it! Read it! Enjoy it!

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