August 14, 2012

Chromium Corner

Eat Your Comics!

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Greetings OTV listeners!

With this being a slow week In this edition of “Chromium Corner,” I wanted to link y’all to another website in which I offer my comic-related thoughts; recently begun by my good friend Wil Sisney:

Eat Your Comics!

I plan to offer non-Valiant related reviews and thoughts on a semi-regular basis on his fine “nerd-tastic” page of comic goodness, in conjunction with my pod-casting and Valiant-related efforts here at Only The Valiant.

So far, I have posted two reviews, which can be accessed here:

The Walking Dead Compendium One Review

Youngblood #72 Review

Please feel free to take a gander when you have the opportunity, and let Wil know what you think of the rest of his site!



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