August 4, 2012


Fan Art Friday! Team Flamingo! Shadowman! KittyOWar! Rai! Bloodshot! Aric!

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[Update: William MacLellan shared his Shadowman/Master Darque art, see below!]

[Update 2: Mark Rose shared his X-O Kittywar vs Nincat drawing. How cool! Make sure to scroll down!]

[Update 3: Josh Deck shared his fantastic Rai and Bloodshot artwork. Scroll yourself down!]

[Update 4: Harold C. Jennett III was this week’s #FanArtFriday winner! He has shared his great Aric drawing below. Scroll down!]

It’s #FanArtFriday!

Did you do any cool artwork with Valiant Comics characters?

Here’s mine:

Flamingo by Sean Neprud Fan Art Friday

Yes, I’m on #TeamFlamingo


I’ve only dug Charlene Dupre (Flamingo) as a character, her character arc throughout the classic Valiant Comics was great, she started with low self-esteem, with a lack of confidence, and thought that she should slut around town to get attention. Throughout the classic run of Valiant, she gains her self-respect and confidence back, and eventually marries Obadiah Archer, who becomes his generations most prominent spiritual leader.

I thought I would update Charlene’s look for today.

I am not-so-patiently awaiting the return and re-introduction of Flamingo into the new Harbinger book, so my fan art is to show my support for #TeamFlamingo.

Did you do any?

Want to share? Send me your fan art friday artwork, and I’ll put it up, along with a link to your site, page, whatever you’d like. Send in a few words about why you chose what you did, and I’ll include those too.

Update 1: William MacLellan

Just like William “MarrowMan” MacLellan did!

Shadowman Fan Art Friday by MorrowMan

Shadowman by MarrowMan, Fan Art Friday


William wrote:

I chose ShadowMan mostly because he’s always been bad ass, but also because I always like how he was mostly a regular street level dude, who got thrown into fights way out his league, and he always seemed to get out of it somehow (A bit like Spider Man) That’s my 2cents.

Make sure to follow MarrowMan on Twitter!

Update 2: Mark Rose

Also, share your art with us, just like Mark Rose did! Check it out:

X-O Kittywar vs Nincat Fan Art Friday Mark Rose

X-O Kittywar vs Nincat by Mark Rose

Mark writes:

Hey I didn’t finish it in time for Fan Art Friday but here’s my fan art. It’s X-O Kittywar vs Nincat. I picked it because i’m really looking forward to the story arc of X-O vs Ninjak and I think Zircher is a super cool guy and a good artist so my apologies to him for this “homage”. I also love kitties and drawing kitties so that’s why they are cats. I don’t have my own website for anything but if you put this up i’d appreciate it if you could link to – it’s a charity + information site for a rare blood disease that I was diagnosed with last year.

Cool art! And make sure to stop by Mark’s TTP Charity and Information site!

Update 3: Josh Deck

Josh Deck shared his work for Fan Art Friday with us too, check out this spectacular Rai/Bloodshot drawing!

Rai and Bloodshot Fan Art Friday Josh Deck

Rai and Bloodshot art by Josh Deck

Josh writes:

I love what Valiant has done with the new Bloodshot & can’t wait to see what they come up with for RAI. I was inspired to draw them together as they have a linked origin in Project Rising Spirit.

Make sure you check out Josh on Deviant Art to see more of his cool art!

Update 4: Harold C. Jennett III

Harold drew this awesome picture of Aric, in his Visigoth gear. This is an awesome drawing, and with this entry, Harold is the winner of this week’s Fan Art Friday!

Congrats! It is well deserved for this cool drawing:

Aric Drawing by Harold Jennett

Aric Drawing by Harold Jennett

You can find more of his drawings at his Harold Jennett Artwork website. Harold was asking a bit about X-O Manowar on twitter, and tried out the first issue. He’s got a podcast in the works, and you can be sure we will be letting you know about it when it goes live!

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