August 28, 2012


Preview: Archer & Armstrong #2

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Preview time! We got a hot little preview of four pages from Archer & Armstrong #2 dropped into our inbox this morning, check it out!

First, here’s the marketing mojo:

Valiant is proud to present an advance preview of Archer & Armstrong #2, the next of issue of critically acclaimed, smash hit series by New York Times best-selling creators Fred Van Lente and Clayton Henry!

Archer & Armstrong have stumbled into a conspiracy that could crack history in half! True fact: behind each of the world’s secret societies is a much larger organization called The Sect and now their Wall Street chapter, The One Percent, must kill to keep their secret safe! As The One Percent’s merciless (401)k killers prepare to sacrifice young Obadiah Archer to their god of greed, it’s down to the immortal Armstrong to rescue his new partner and track down the rest of The Sect’s agents around the world. Long ago, one man recorded the clues that Archer & Armstrong will need to find them. But can they crack the Michelangelo Code in time?

Find out for yourself on September 5th in Archer & Armstrong #2 – the second landmark chapter of the sold-out series that’s reaping praise from fans and critics worldwide. Finally, the internet has found something to agree on – Archer & Armstrong is a hit!

“A flawlessly executed debut issue that already has most everyone buzzing.” – Bleeding Cool

“[Archer & Armstrong], like every book in Valiant’s relaunched comic line, is a really great comic book.” – IGN

“It’s got me hooked for the near future.” – Crave Online

“[A] debut that is supremely solid and packed with potential.” – Newsarama

“Think Stephen Colbert, but trained by Bruce Lee… Highly recommended…” – The Beat

“[F]antastic. I loved it.” – Comics Alliance

“[An] extremely strong debut… I’m sold on the new “Archer & Armstrong.” – Comic Book Resources

And it’s not too late to jump on board Archer & Armstrong’s first action-packed adventure through the Valiant Universe’s deepest, darkest secrets. Look for the Archer & Armstrong #1 Second Printing Variant – on sale in finer comic shops everywhere tomorrow, August 29th!

Now check out the pages! Click on any image to launch the viewer:

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