March 5, 2013


Review: Shadowman #5

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I had one big question after reading issue #4 of Shadowman: what happens next?

Shadowman 5 Cover by Patrick Zircher

Shadowman 5 Cover by Patrick Zircher

The first arc was rather nice. It introduced Jack, Shadowman, Master Darque, and Darque’s henchman, Mr. Twist. Jack shadowed up, defeated Mr. Twist, and kept him from letting Master Darque get back to our world.

It wrapped that story up nicely. We know Master Darque was still going to be trying to get free, but other than that, the main conflict of the story was nice and wrapped up. After the first arc, it was really unclear what direction the series was going to go next.

With issue #5, the action starts fast, and we see a few new characters added in to this story fast and furiously. The cover notes that it features “The Menace of Master Darque”, but that’s just a small part of what this issue contains. A new hero is introduced (who we found out about yesterday), a new villain is introduced, and another character that may be a hero, may be a villain makes an action packed intrance in to the series.

Amidst all of this, we see things settle down for Jack for a minute, so he can spend some time figuring out what’s going on and learning more about what being Shadowman is all about, which is a fresh breath after the breakneck pace of the first arc. That fresh breath doesn’t have very good results though, Jack finds out that being Shadowman isn’t going to be a walk in the park.

Lee Garbett, along with Stefano Gaudiano and Roberto Delatorre, join Patrick Zircher on art duties, penciling a particular sequence of the book. Patrick Zircher’s art is the usual fantastic work we’ve gotten used to. The sequence by the guest artists works well in the book, adding a feeling of “differentness” that is appropriate to that particular sequence.

Overall, this issue served to put a lot of things in place. All of the supporting cast from the previous arc make an appearance, and it introduces new players in to the mix, setting up things nicely for an arc that looks to be a great mix of spooky mystery and action.

After this issue #5, I’ve got a good feeling about what is coming up in this story arc.


  • Great review. Really looking forward to seeing more of Baron Samedi and Dr. Mirage in the next issues of Shadowman. The world-building going on in this series is really drawing me in. I loved the different art used to depict the Deadside, gave it a very eerie, supernatural vibe. Reminded me of Ashley Wood’s art. Sad to see the waitress get shot, though maybe that’ll make some room for Alyssa in Jack’s life? Each issue builds up a little more of what we know about Jack and the Shadowman lineage too. What I wouldn’t give to take a peek at that Book of Shadowman that Dox has.
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