April 9, 2013


Geppi Museum Visit

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Geppi Museum Visit

Geppi Museum Visit

After years of living in Baltimore I decided to finally visit Geppi’s Entertainment Museum. It’s basically a museum dedicated to American pop culture ranging from toys and comics to movies and TV from the past. Of course the biggest and most impressive room to me was the comic room. Comics from all the past decades displayed very nicely. Even some comics from before there were comics! All the key issues were there. And of course I had to see how many Valiants they had. They had Unity, Bloodshot and Nintendo Game Boy.

The museum takes up an entire floor of one of the buildings there at Camden Yards where the Baltimore Orioles play baseball, with side rooms connected by a main hallway filled with posters and art.

Each room had a theme and era represented. From the Great Depression and WWII to early TV and Sci-fi culture.

I was able to talk to their retail manager, Zach, and learned more about the museum and how it’s only the tip of a very large collection, and we briefly discussed Valiant, old and new. I highly recommend a visit if you’re in the Baltimore area.

Check out the gallery of images from the museum, click on any image to launch the browser:


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