May 8, 2013


Bloodshot #0 by Matt Kindt and ChrisCross Announced

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This one surprised me.

Today, Valiant announced that Bloodshot #0 will be coming in August, written by Matt Kindt, and drawn by artist ChrisCross.

Reading the article at IGN, it looks like this story will really nail down exactly who Bloodshot is and answer a lot of questions about his past.

It also looks like Matt has a healthy respect for the level of violence we expect from a Bloodshot book.

Matt Kindt has been tearing it up lately, writing Mind MGMT, as well as other books for Marvel and DC.

ChrisCross has been an artist on a number of titles over the years, and is an Acclaim alumni, having drawn an issue of Shadowman, and working on the Solar: Hell On Earth mini series.

Bloodshot 0 Teaser

Bloodshot #0 Teaser

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