May 10, 2013


Bloodshot & H.A.R.D. Corps Coming in the Wake of Harbinger Wars

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With issue #14, gets a new creative team of Christos Gage, Joshua Dysart, and Emanuela Lupacchino, and the title becomes Bloodshot and the H.A.R.D. Corps.

According to an announcement over at Newsarama, things will be very different coming out of Harbinger Wars, and things are going to be shaken up a bit.

Emanuela Lupacchino just finished an arc of Archer & Armstrong which was fantastic, so I think that we’re in for a visual treat.

Christos Gage has written a lot of stuff for Marvel, and worked on the G.I. Joe: Cobra title at IDW, so he seems no stranger to the action and espionage that we’ve come to expect in Bloodshot.

Plus, Joshua Dysart is getting his hands on this book! Josh is brilliant, and has been writing incredible stuff in Harbinger, so this looks to be pretty darn good.

Bloodshot and the HARDCorps teaser

Bloodshot and the H.A.R.D. Corps teaser

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