May 10, 2013



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Eternal Warrior gets his own title by Greg Pak and Trevor Hairsine in September!


What a way to end the week of Valiant announcements for this summer.

On Monday it was the return of Quantum & Woody.

On Tuesday it was X-O Manowar and the Road to Unity.

On Wednesday it was Bloodshot #0, which looks to reveal Bloodshot’s origin.

On Thursday it was Bloodhsot becoming Bloodshot and the H.A.R.D. Corps.

Today, we get possibly the biggest announcement of them all, Eternal Warrior will be returning in September, in his own title.

Greg Pak has written a host of stuff, what comes to mind is Planet Hulk, possibly the best Hulk story of the last decade or two, and Incredible Hercules, which he co-wrote with Fred Van Lente.

Art by Trevor Hairsine, who drew those ridiculously awesome Prelude to Planet Death issues.

A whole lot more can be found at CBR, but feast your eyes on this.

Eternal Warrior Teaser

Eternal Warrior coming in September by Trevor Hairsine and Greg Pak

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