May 6, 2013


Perspective: Summer of Valiant: Phase 2

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Let the goodness roll in!

Harbinger Wars: Battle for Las Vegas!

Awesome! The controls aren’t perfect but overall Valiant made the right choice. Fun and playability is entertaining. I like the 8-bit feel, because I have always enjoyed those kinds of games. I can’t wait to play as some of the new characters as the series advances. Hopefully I get to play it on a better phone than the one I do now, because it lags to no end. I’m still stuck on the first level to tell you the truth.

One Dollar Debut!

I still praise them for this genius scheme. I’m picturing myself as a person who has no idea what Valiant is (I was at this stage at one point) seeing this $1 book on the shelf and thinking, a Visigoth in a sci-fi armor. Then reading it as soon as I get home, then continuing the series, finding the Valiant Fans forums, and listening to the Podcast. It’s a cycle of happiness. Hopefully Valiant’s step into fame expands with this move. Good job on your part, guys. *thumbs up*

Shadowman 0 Khari Evans Cover

Shadowman #0

Rating: 8.9 out of 10; Variant Choice: Kari Evans

Touching and gruesome. My three word synopsis. I absolutely love the back story of Darque and the thought and emotion but behind it. I wonder is Sandria will every return (probably), to come back and cause some problems for Jack/Shadowman. Their life of trials and suffering that they went through to achieve this magic was scarring. I really like how this isn’t just about Jack and it is developing Darque a lot better than he was in the beginning of the series. 8.9 Shadowtamos

Free Comic Book Day!

OmyGOSH! That was mind blowing. HUGE DISCLAIMER! SPOILERS! UNITY, NINJAK, ETERNAL WARRIOR, AND H.A.R.D CORP. I had already read all the Quantum and Woody previews. Definitely can’t wait for that to come out. But the previews at the end were amazing. I’m so excited for Eternal Warrior. Ninjak and H.A.R.D Corps are kind of second base for me, but seeing them in their own titles sound fun.

*holds wad of cash in air*

Take my money now Valiant.

I was talking with my father, about what this may hold for the future. He was surprised at this sudden release of 3 new titles. Why so sudden. My thought behind was that, and hopefully I’m right or were all screwed, that Valiant already has most of the creative teams put together and at least 1 and 1/2 issues in the bag, because Quantum and Woody, Ninjak, Eternal Warrior, and H.A.R.D Corps are all coming out this summer.

I will soon review some of the Harbinger and Archer & Armstrong books so see you guys later in the month.


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