May 7, 2013


X-O Manowar and the Road to Unity

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Valiant sent out the next tease of what is coming up in the Return of Summer of Valiant, this time, showing X-O Manowar facing down Aric, the Eternal Warrior.

Or is it the other way around?

Whatever happens in Planet Death, it looks like Aric’s return from Loam will put him in direct conflict with the Eternal Warrior.

Astute readers will know that the Eternal Warrior’s first appearance was the same as Aric’s, in X-O Manowar #1. He was one of the King Alaric’s men at the battle shown in that issue.

Maybe most importantly of all, this arc will be the lead in to Unity, which was teased in the back of the Free Comic Book Day issue.

In other words, big things seem to be on the way, and it starts with this upcoming arc.

Summer Of Valiant Road To Unity X-O Manowar

The Road to Unity begins in X-O Manowar # 15

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