June 18, 2013


Sean Chen Kicks Off New Signature Series

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Harbinger #17 Signature Series Variant by Sean Chen

Harbinger #17 Signature Series Variant by Sean Chen

Valiant is bringing back the Signature Series with a series of Signature Series variant covers, each one drawn by a veteran creator from the classic years of Valiant.

The series will kick off with Harbinger #17, with a Signature Series cover by Sean Chen.

Sean is most well known as the artist of Rai and the Future Force from the original Valiant comics in the 90s, and has gone on to have a great career in comics.

Each month there will be a new variant cover for one of the Valiant books in this Signature Series, and the line up seems pretty cool.

We’ll get to see the classic creators drawing the new versions of these characters. I like it.

If you want to know more about the original Valiant Validated Signature Series from the classic Valiant books, check out the V.V.S.S. info page at Greg Holland’s ValiantFans.com website.

The original V.V.S.S. books are some of the harder to find collectibles from the original Valiant, and this series of covers is a cool way to call back to that original series of collectibles, and see some cool art from Valiant Veterans.

Here’s the official word from Valiant Comics here:

VALIANT’s Original Creators Launch the SIGNATURE SERIES

Valiant is proud to announce the Valiant Signature Series – a new line of covers spotlighting the creators that forged the original Valiant Universe!

Valiant will release one Signature Series cover per month, beginning this October with the Harbinger #17 Valiant Signature Series cover by Sean Chen – the veteran artist that began his comics career at Valiant with titles including X-O Manowar, Harbinger, Bloodshot, and Rai and the Future Force. Over the course of the coming months, the Signature Series will also debut new works by fan favorite creators Bob Hall (Shadowman), Mark Moretti (Eternal Warrior), Kevin VanHook (Archer & Armstrong), Sal Velluto (Bloodshot) and more as they interpret the modern day versions of Valiant’s signature heroes for the very first time. The first of many to come, look for more Signature Series artists to be announced in the near future.

“I began my career in comics at the original Valiant and all of us who were there have stayed very close over the years,” Valiant Publisher Fred Pierce told MTV Geek. “Now, with the new publishing line well underway, it’s an immense pleasure to finally be reuniting with the talents who forged the foundation and gave the original Valiant Universe such a special and well-deserved mystique.”

Added Valiant CEO & Chief Creative Officer Dinesh Shamdasani:

“Valiant is incredibly fortunate to have worked with a long list of incredible talents in its 25 year history, and their work is something that we continue to celebrate to this day. As both fans and creators, we’ve been anxiously awaiting the moment when some of Valiant’s original greats would return to bring their vision to the modern day Valiant Universe, and, with the Valiant Signature Series, that moment has finally arrived. Sean Chen, Bob Hall, Mark Moretti, Kevin VanHook, Sal Velluto – these are the guys who helped build the house we live in, and fans can look forward to seeing even more storied talents from the original Valiant era return over the next year.”

The return of talents that made the Valiant Universe great begins this October with the Harbinger #17 Valiant Signature Series cover by Sean Chen! Ask your local retailer for details.

For more information, visit Valiant on Facebook, on Twitter and at ValiantUniverse.com.

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