July 15, 2013


Perspective: I’m Alive/June Round Up

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I’m back again. From a 3 week vacation. Glad to be reading Valiant again. I missed it so much.

Bloodshot #12

Bloodshot 12 Zircher Cover

Bloodshot 12, Zircher Cover

Rating: 7.5 out of 10 / Variant: Patrick Zircher

The placing of the flashback and flashforward was oddly timed but executed well and Kuretich is almost a maybe character. To add to that, Kuretich was not always my favorite, but he was brought to a darker side.

PRS is pretty weak at this point, and trying to capture Bloodshot was not the smartest move, until they bring out the guy with the butchers knife and chainsaw. Bloodshot got pretty butchered and I like the “Inside Bloodshot’s Mental Space” scene. It was a new look on the nanite/goldies development.

Synaptic burst was quite ingenious but I was sad to see Kuretich die. I was just starting to like him.

There wasn’t a lot of Vegas action, actually none whatsoever. That was kinda disappointing. Overall, I liked it.

Harbinger #13

Harbinger 13, Zircher Cover

Harbinger 13, Zircher Cover

Rating: 8 out of 10 / Variant: Patrick Zircher

Loved it. So much Vegas action!

It was nice to see the team finally take responsibility of what their powers give them. Flamingo’s reaction to failing her part was showing some real life situations, not everything goes perfectly. The whole time reading I was yelling at the book, “You’re both on the same side! Idiots!” but it was such a good read. I couldn’t put it, or Harbinger Wars #3, down, it just was so gripping and action filled.

I was a little sketchy on Khari Evans take on Bloodshot, but it’s hard to draw a million characters, and half of Vegas.

The book exceeded all expectations and hopefully Harbinger #14 will be a good wrap up to the Harbinger Wars series from the view set of the Harby kids.

Shadowman #7

Shadowman 7 Cover

Shadowman 7, Johnson Cover

Rating: 8 out of 10 / Variant: Dave Johnson

Samedi is definitely a player but he’s trying to save his own skin, in a way which puts him in the situation of having to cooperate with Jack (Hope I worded that correctly).

I like the zombies, I’m really not a huge undead fan, but this was kinda cool. The issue also shows that Deveraux will stop at nothing to free Master Darque, I really don’t think he knows the full extent of what will happen to earth.

Now to the Deadside portion of the issue. Kinda creepy, the giant spire of skewered humans/ghosts. “This ain’t what I signed on for, Hoss.” Probably what made me suspicious of Jaunte but he’s redeemed himself more than once. Still, Zombies, Spire Skewer, and a bullet to the eye, that’s quite a lot of violence. This book is definitely “T” on many scales but there’s worse out there.

That aside, this is worth reading on many scales, for enjoyment, and plot filling.

X-O Manowar #14

X-O Manowar 14 Lozzi Cover

X-O Manowar 14, Lozzi Cover

Rating: 7 out of 10 / Variant: Arturo Lozzi  

It was a nice wrap up to this story that kind of been up and down for me.

The art in this issue was sketchy and then glossy. It looked good, then looked bad. I could use some for effort.

That aside, the story was great to the point that the Vine surrendering was kinda cheesy. But the battle scene with Aric’s army of just about everything was awesome. I could help but wonder what this would look like in a movie. That being said, it felt a little off-paced to me. Aric killed the council easily and the priest gained control of Loam. I think that’s pretty much it.

What more do you want, I have to admit that this story line was wrapped up a little too well for me but you can’t please everybody.

Everything Else

Next month I will finally be getting to review all 4 Harbinger Wars issues. Finally!

Well aside from that (I say that way too much) there’s nothing else much to be said. Keep waiting for more articles, sorry this one took so long. And keep listening to OTV. See you guys in the next few weeks. Peace out!

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