August 30, 2013


Perpsective: Harbinger Wars

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Harbinger Wars #1

Rating: 8 out of 10 / Favorite Variant: Patrick Zircher

Okay, this was amazing, just genuinely genius. Josh Dysart is the bomb. I mean writing 3 books at once is just amazing (and difficult). Not that I would know. Issue #1 was partially a setup for everything else but it was still a wonderful issue. I couldn’t help get excited at the end. This series did a wonderful job making a self contained story. Just to add to that, it told what we thought it would tell even though it came out in a way we didn’t expect it, if that makes any sense. And whoever did the little thing-ma-bobbers at the beginning of this issue, wonderfully illustrated presentation of what the story does. Cronus and his team is freakin’ epic. I really hope that they can show up later in the Valiant Universe with a huge impact.

Harbinger Wars #2

Rating: 8.5 out of 10 / Favorite Variant: Clayton Crain

This one is almost my favorite. Just so much awesomeness happens in this issue I cannot even explain it. The battle between Harada and Bloodshot is just INSANE. Then when Harada “Temple of Dooms” one of his students I was just disgusted. I hate Toyo and love him at the same time. He’s such a conflicting character. Anyways, other stuff happened in the issue. The Renegades meet Cronus’s team. Very interesting interaction that continues in issue 3 but I’ll get to that later. Still overall this issue gets an 8.5

Harbinger Wars 4 Perger Cover

Harbinger Wars 4 Stephane Perger Cover

Harbinger Wars #3

Rating: 9 out of 10 / Favorite Variant: Kari Evans

My favorite, hands down. I loved this issue as a introduction into greater things. H.A.R.D Corps are probably my favorite Villain/Superhero Team. They are just insane. Maniac has some god complex issues, Major has some anger management problems. Shakespeare and Hammerhead I can’t say much about. Still, I was blown away by the death of Shadow. I was heartbroken, for that fact that she was a kid. Just wow. I can’t believe that these guys were kicked out for Bloodshot. These guys aren’t afraid of anything. Or doing anything for that matter.

Harbinger Wars #4

Rating: 8 out of 10 / Favorite Variant: Stephane Perger

The ending. Well, I think that this was by far in 3rd place for issues. I think that this wrapped up well. I was not at all surprised that the Renegades lost. Kind of a weird thing to say but I saw it coming. Oh, and poor cocky Clem. I’m not gonna miss him. Astral’s death was kind of sad and the body count for this issue is enormous. I love Monica, I love her power and. Overall this was a good wrap up to great idea and very well executed story.

Everything Else

I will be publishing a September review of all the Second Summer of Valiant. (Eternal Warrior, Quantum & Woody, Bloodshot & The H.A.R.D Corps, and Bloodshot #0). Sorry for the late schedule. I’m getting back on track.

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