December 11, 2013


Perspective: Return

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Why was I gone for so long you might ask? Well, long story short: “Life”

Unity #1

Unity 1 Pullbox Variant - Paolo Rivera

Unity 1 Pullbox Variant – Paolo Rivera

Rating: 9 out of 10 / Favorite Variant: Paolo Rivera
I love this book so much, I cannot stress it more that Valiant is amazing at crossovers. With how Harbinger Wars was, this helps drive the point further. I read it 2 times, the first time I liked it, the second time really makes me want to buy the issue right now (Considering it came out today that shouldn’t be much of a problem). But that one’s for a later review.

Seeing Gilad’s appearance change kind of bothered me, but nothing is perfect. Finding out that he was in X-O #15 (I think it’s #15) because Harada sent him there adds a lot of connectivity.

I knew Captain wasn’t gonna last a second, for two reasons.

1. They didn’t give him enough story about him/his team, for you to even care about them.

2. And it’s become a bit of a joke now, the mustache on The Captain. Plus they all looked really stupid.

The wait for the next issue has me excited.


Okay, so. Sorry this month’s review was for only one comic. I will do one every second Wednesday of the month, and it will be on the previous months comics. Some reviews brief and some longer. Glad to be back in business!

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