January 17, 2014


Perspective: Odds and Ends

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Let’s get to reviews for December 2013. Can’t believe a whole year has passed.

Shadowman 13 Cover - Ben Templesmith

Shadowman 13 Ben Templesmith 1:20 Cover

 Shadowman #13 (New Creative Team) / Favorite Variant: Ben Templesmith 1:20

Quite interesting, I’m liking this new creative team. Especially considering I was in love with the artist from his first appearance in the Shadowman comic. I’m liking where it’s going and hope that they can improve on prior mistakes in the series. I still don’t think they can ever top Shadowman #0.

Harbinger #19 / Favorite Variant: Kari Evan Regular

Kardashian Mermaids, Mind Squalls, and some more awesome random things. The book still contains an awesome story. I was a little bit of everything that Harbinger gave you from #1. The room of bodies, eyeless, dead bodies. It was a morbid but nice touch. Monica will hopefully play a great role in the series because I really like her.

Quantum and Woody #6 / Favorite Variant: Kalman Andrasofsky
I’m going against every other major opinion. I really. DO. NOT. LIKE. THIS. BOOK. I find it really stupid and unnecessarily humorous. That is all. Oh, and I despise the art as well.

Bloodshot & H.A.R.D Corps #16 / Favorite Variant: Riley Rossmo

I’m not sure where this happens in the timeline of the Valiant Universe, but it was a very enjoyable issue. I hope that the issues get more individualized. In this issue, you had to read the previous to really understand what was happening in this. I think that the H.A.R.D Corps are really developing their skills and realizing that if they don’t form a team, what else are they good for?

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