April 9, 2014


Festival[iant] Of Books April 12th-13th

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Festival of Books Logo
This weekend, April 12th and 13th, the Festival Of Books is happening at USC in downtown Los Angeles.

Valiant is going to be there with a booth (#857), sharing their great books with people. Also, James Asmus will be there to sign your Quantum and Woody books, so bring those along.

I’ll be there for at least one of the days, most likely Saturday, and maybe Sunday. If you will be there and want to catch up for a minute or two, the best way to contact me is through the OTV twitter account (@OnlyTheValiant).

I’ve never been to the festival of books, but from what I can tell, it’s a place for book publishers to connect with readers. It looks like a comic convention, except for books, not comics. Sounds like a fun way to spend a weekend day.

Plus, when you tell everyone you went to the “Festival Of Books”, instant status boost.

Here’s the info again, from Valiant’s own mouth:

On April 12th–13th, come meet the team behind your favorite comics at the L.A. Times Festival of Books! Stop by Booth #857 for a weekend packed with free giveaways, Valiant merchandise, and more! Including signings by Quantum and Woody writer James Asmus on Saturday, April 12th.

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